Buying a vehicle is a huge deal financially. This is not a decision that you should make lightly as it involves digging into your finances. So planning ahead of time helps in ensuring that your finances don’t take a hit. There are options like to buy used car on emi in bangalore. Whether it’s a new or used vehicle, proper budgeting is important when buying a vehicle.

Decide on form of payment

Depending on how much money you have, the options are wide and varied. If you have all the money required, it’s best and cheaper over other methods and more advantageous. Not everyone can afford getting all the money at once. Most people opt to pay over time.

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Modes of financing

Leasing – this involves putting a down payment on the car when purchasing. The rest of the money is paid on monthly basis and includes taxes, fees and additional optional expenses. Once the lease contract is over, you return the vehicle to the dealer without much hassle.

Loaning – this involves seeking for a loan to get the amount of money needed to purchase the car. The bank expects you to pay back the total amount of money in installments, with interest over the agreed period of time. The benefit of loaning is that once you’ve paid the full amount plus interest, the car is yours and is in your full possession. The loan doesn’t necessarily have to come from the bank. You can get from trusted family and friends and use it as a top up to what you already have.

Be informed

Familiarizing yourself with the knowledge about the process and costs, prepares you for the purchase. Understanding the cost of a brand new car will help you estimate the cost of a used car since cars depreciate in value once they are bought.