When an audience is in search of any kind of question that arises in the mind, the internet comes to their rescue. This world is now totally dependent on the internet, blogs, websites and case studies that are available in only a few seconds in front of them whether over mobile, tablet or laptop. By searching on websites, marketers like us earn on large basis whether it’s for how long the visitor stayed over the site, how many times he clicked on the information etc.

This makes ways for marketers to earn a good amount when the visitor is converted in regular customer. This requires the visitor to subscribe to the site displaying the information with its basic information such as contact number, email address, name, etc. As for the marketers, large the number of visitors, better will be the earning. But in this race of earning, they try to exploit the information provided by the visitor with full trust.

Many incidents can be heard and has come into notice in which the customers have been exploited by the marketers in case of money. This leads to the reason that customers are now skeptical in trusting the website or making any purchases online.

To gain the trust of customer so that although he arrived only as a visitor but left by gaining our trust as a result. This can be gained in many ways. Come on, read on the ways of gaining back the trust for the website.

  • References and Testimonials

This point means the reference to the website can be important for gaining the trust. In other words, when the customer has already heard about our site or services and performances from the ones who are close to him/her, then he will ultimately have same expectations as the relatives experienced. Which means that they will ultimately trust us without any doubts. Yes this creates the relationship beforehand with the customer. But this also rises the expectations of the customer which can be challenging.

Additional comments section helps the customers give their honest reviews depending upon them whether they want to reveal their identity. Additional testimonials can result in increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction and  hence building the trust.

2) Design and Appearance of the Website

Website is the first and foremost resource available with them and for them. Like it’s said that first impression is the last impression, hence the design of the website shall be appealing to the customer so that they remain intact. This attractive design does not mean that you will design every corner displayed over the screen. The website can be so designed that it is equally informative which gives the information as well attractive. It can be said that the website be designed professionally.

3) Informational “About” Page

There can be a separate “About”, section or column in the website that tells the customer about the writer and about other prominent members of the company. Telling the information about the company can build the trust and first time visitors can convert into regular customers.

Imparting the information about company’s contact persons helps the customer to get to know about the company more. When the customer will have a clear idea for the company and its reputation he will definitely trust us with his information and our service.

4) Rewards and Notifications

This can also be considered as one of the factor for gaining the trust. Mentioning that what all awards company has received with, helps the customer to know that he will be going to trust the reputed company. Notifying that what awards the company has received, lets the customer know that the company is well known in the market. This helps users feel secure that they are trusting the well known company that offers good service along with privacy of sharing the information.

5) Social Media

This can be considered as one of the most powerful trust building tactics. As almost everybody is connected through social media. People share their thoughts and views on a large platform with the help of social media. This can be considered as the platform of discussion with many feedbacks.


Building trust online can be a little difficult for the website. Every task takes time for the better results. So, one needs to have patience for better results. But yes we do have a small amount of time to convince the visitor to convert into regular customer. These simple tactics go a long way and the results will be overwhelming.