Modernising an HR department within the workplace is imperative, if you want the business to survive and thrive. In this day and age of modern technology, streamlining and allowing online software packages to do all the laborious work, is the only way forward.

This is how a business can modernise its HR department. The usefulness and resourceful nature of online software running HR departments, is frankly mind-blowing. For starters, there is the Cloud services where all data is backed up, stored and accessed via this platform by authorised users at any point (providing a suitable Wi-Fi connection is available). Moreover, it can be accessed at all times of the day and even throughout the weekend if necessary.

There is no requirement to download a special app either. The Avantus HR online platform is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, as well as the desktop PCs within the office.

Modernisation of the HR department requires a dynamic level of security. This is particularly so, as there are so many personal records, privacy data and information that really must not be compromised based within the software, that security is paramount.

The security allows business to bring in modern software like WORKPLACE one – an HR online software tool sourced through Avantus HR – compatible with new EU regulations surrounding privacy data built in.

The software offers various user authentication procedures, wired to meet your business needs in the modern world.

Modernising an HR department involves not only keeping tabs on the traditional records of absenteeism, payroll management and annual leave records keeping, but on more modern dynamics of access control, reporting, analysis and automated reminders for all.

One of the key developments in modern HR departments has been the engagement with the online community of employees. This platform – built within the software – shares ideas, creates announcements, breaks industry news and receives valuable feedback. Employees can also book their own annual leave through the modern system and see where there are gaps in the number of workers needed for a particular time period.

The internal recruitment section of an HR department is also one of WORKPLACE one’s best features. An advertised job will show which candidates have made an application, their supporting CV and covering letter, along with any skill sets relevant to the job.

The modern software can also produce an easy and intuitive expenses manager, full flexible employee benefits list and a reward and recognition program, showing where employees have gone above and beyond for the business.