ICICI is one the renowned banks in the private sector that offers various delightful services to its users. The users can get the best banking experience at ICICI bank. The bank offers exclusive services such as loans and credit cards to meet every individual’s everyday needs. Of course, there are certain that cannot be ignored, but, at the same time don’t have enough funds to meet those essential needs. ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card offers exciting deals and amazing discounts to boost the shopping experience to the extent. The credit cards come with complete payment flexibility for making secured transactions. This is an ideal option to grab exclusive reward points and reliable transaction facility. It is globally recognized bank providing various credit cards designed for individual’s specific needs.

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Types of ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card in different categories

  • ICICI Bank Coral
  • ICICI Sapphire
  • ICICI Bank Ruby
  • ICICI Diamond
  • ICICI Coral American Express
  • ICICI Coral Contactless credit card
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Ruby
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphire
  • British Airways Premium Credit Cards
  • ICICI Bank Unifare Mumbai Metro Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank VISA Signature

Benefits of chip credit cards

Chip credit cards are leveraged with latest technology and aims at providing higher peace of mind along with making your traveling experience easier and more convenient. These cards can be accessed across every merchant retail store worldwide. Take a glance at the privileged benefits of the chip cards:

  • Leverage New Technology – enjoy the fastest and high-secured technology for each transaction.
  • Prevent card from frauds and skimming – chip cards are extra secured and lowers the risk of frauds and skimming to an extreme level.
  • Extra security with PIN code – the new chip cards come with an extra layer of protection in the form of PIN (Personal Identification Number). Get more details about the chip credit cards at
  • Exciting reward points – cardholders can earn reward points on every purchase. Earn 2 reward points on every spent of Rs.100 against all retail purchases excluding fuel. These reward points can be redeemed against any option available on reward redemption catalogue.
  • Annual fee savings – ICICI Bank credit cards are an ideal option to enjoy smart way of shopping along with maximum privileges. To grab the benefits, just be sure that you spend more than Rs.50000 annually to get the annual fee reversed.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver – Enjoy 1% fuel surcharge waiver that can be unveiled on any fuel transactions across all major petrol pumps in India. However, to grab the deal, the minimum fuel transaction should be of Rs.500 for a maximum up to Rs.4000.