Choosing the right flooring for your office is an extremely crucial decision and goes far beyond aesthetics. Of course, it’s important to have great looking flooring, but there are lots of other factors that need to be considered: for starters, is there a lot of foot traffic in your office space? How frequently so the cleaners come to your office and how often do they clean the floors? Is your flooring exposed to sunlight or humidity? How often do you expect your flooring to last?

If you don’t consider these issues, your flooring won’t be looking great for long. So, then, what’s the best material for office flooring when it comes to combining great looks and durability at an affordable price?

One of the best options is Luxury Vinyl Tile or lvt floors, but there are some other materials to consider too. To further consider which flooring material is the most appropriate for your office, we have to go over the aforementioned factors and others in even greater detail. After all, the importance of choosing the right office flooring cannot be overstated.

State of the Subfloor

Whatever material you end up going with, the ease of installation will depend on the subfloor. To make the installation job easy, the subfloor should be dry and level.

Humidity and Temperature

In especially humid, hardwood and floating flooring are both poor choices as these materials expand with changing temperatures and humidity levels.

Installation Method

In some instances, it may be possible to set the floorboards without using any adhesive. The advantage of this is that it requires less time and manpower. However, installation won’t always be this easy, so do consult with a reputable contractor if you have any doubts.

Vinyl Flooring

As previously stated, lvt floors are a preferred choice for the corporate setting. This is for numerous reasons, with a few of the main reasons being the following: luxury flooring tiles are resistant and slip-proof, which makes them an ideal choice for any office or other space that has lots of employees, clients, couriers, and others coming through every day. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain. LVT floors also offer insulation and soundproofing.

Modular Carpeting

Another extremely popular option for office flooring are modular carpeting tiles. They offer even more insulation and soundproofing and they come in a wide variety of colours and textures. Granted, this is carpet so it requires more cleaning and maintenance than LVT tiles, but they do offer a more welcoming aesthetic.

Thus, what a lot of office interior designers decide to do is combine vinyl flooring tiles with modular carpet tiles—using the former for the hallways, common spaces, and the other areas of the office that are the most heavily traversed, while the modular carpeting can be used for the boss’ office, boardrooms, and the other more exclusive areas of the office.