Print Infinito, wide knowed and famed for its polo shirt printing services in Singapore and printing of other forms of apparels such as caps and hats, hoodies and sweatshirts, woven shirts, t-shirts etc.

Print Infinito’s polo shirt printing services in Singapore are popular amongst amateur designers wishing to turn their designs into reality. Also corporates and businesses like OCBC Bank, Impact Mixed Martial Arts, RBS, Redmart, DataLogic, Philip Morris etc regularly using polo shirt printing services in Singapore and apparel printing services of Print Infinito while attending trade fairs, conferences, seminars etc and cleverly are using services of this polo shirt printing company to stand out in the crowd amongst its peer and appear friendly and approvable by ditching their  formal suits for easy going printed apparel which also acts as a marketing and communication tool.

Print Infinitohas various form methodologies and techniques at its disposal for t-shirt printing and windbreaker printing services in Singapore along with printing of various other type of apparels. Find below methodologies widely used by Print Infinito

  • Silkscreen: This techniques requires usage of stencils fortransferring designs and patterns on apparels. It is suitable for less complex designs with minimal colours.
  • Embroidery: This technique involves designs and patterns being stitched upon apparels with use of computerised embroidery machines.
  • Vinyl Transfer: It is also known as Jersey printing, and is widely used for printing names and numbers onsport jerseys.Its designs are known for its long lasting durability.This technique involves designs and patterns being cut, and transferred upon apparels using a high temperature heat press.
  • Direct to Garment: This technique is suitable for only 100% cotton materialt-shirt printing. It involves usage of modified advance ink-jet printers which are used to directly print designs and patterns upon t-shirts and printing complex designs can be carried out using this methodology with ease.
  • Digital Transfer: It is one of the most widely used method of t-shirt printing in Singapore, involving using high end digital printers to directly print designs and patterns on apparels.
  • Dye Sublimation: This technique is onlysuitable for white colouredt-shirt printing and printing upon apparels made out ofdri-fit material.In dye sublimation methodology, dyes are used instead of inks to transfer designs and patterns which results in apparels with a comfortable and durable prints.