It can be exciting to think about creating a science experiment that causes a cool reaction to happen. You may be interested in messing around with lab chemicals like they do on television and in the movies but you have to make sure to take precautions before doing an experiment.

Make sure you research the experiment thoroughly before starting it and ensure you have all of the equipment that they say you’ll need. Do a lot of Google searching to make sure you know the experiment inside and out and the risks of what could happen.

One safe science experiment that is fun but safe is mixing Mentos with Diet soda. First you’ll need a roll of Mentos candies and a 2 litre bottle of diet soda. The reason we say to use diet soda is because regular soda will be sticky when it fires off everywhere. You want the cleanup to be a little less disastrous if possible.

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Once you have those you will need to stack all of the mentos candies on top of each other, either by rolling a sheet of paper or hanging them off something. When you want the experiment to have explosive results, let all of the Mentos drop into soda at once and stand back. There will be a huge burst of soda firing high up into the air.

If you want to be funny you can direct the coke to fire off at people nearby – we don’t condone this though we just thought it would be funny.

Then there’s dangerous science experiments like building your own lightbulb. You can do so with some helium, a transparent jar, and an old welder, but it is not recommended as you could hurt yourself with the welding tool and cause a burn. There’s also the fact that light bulbs run on electricity and you could get yourself injured if you aren’t careful.

Lab chemicals can be purchased from lab suppliers all over your country. In Canada, Krins Life Sciences is a very trusted supplier that offers some good prices. They have a wide range of chemicals to purchase, although you have to make sure you know what you are doing with them because it is easy to do something dumb with chemicals.

Never let kids use lab chemicals unsupervised either. Always ensure what they are doing is safe and nobody is being put in potential danger.

Now go out there and do some cool, safe lab chemistry!