Some say trends come and go. Styles changes. But for most, there are jewellery pieces that are timeless despite the ever evolving fashions. These timeless pieces are the kind that tells stories. This is probably one of the reasons why there is an increase in the number of people buying second hand jewellery. So if you are thinking of giving someone a jewellery as a gift or about to pop that big question, maybe you should consider buying pre-loved jewellery or second hand engagement rings? They are available in many pawn shops in London and other cities in the UK. But here, we shall give you its benefits and at the same time some important tips.

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Put that money in your savings.

Getting married is expensive. Most couples plan for a grand wedding, with flowers covering the garden, guests of 300 people, an orchestra to make the event more romantic, and a $250,000 engagement ring as the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how much this kind of wedding would cost? If you opt for the practical side, you can buy check second hand engagement rings and save almost half of the money you will spend if you buy a new ring. You can then put that saving somewhere. And no, just because you are getting a used ring does not mean you are getting less. You are actually getting more for less. In terms of size, that is. For example, a second hand 3-karat ring might be equivalent in price to a brand new 1-karat ring. There are practically more pieces to choose from different pawn shops. pa recruitment London is a place with a huge jewellery culture.

Antiques are fashionable.

We mentioned about the story being one of the essential reason why people wear jewellery, antiques fall in this category. Second-hand engagement rings are conversation pieces in weddings, and after. They make a great “can you guess where I found this classic ring” story. Plus, the bride can cross something old on her list. Some old styles of jewellery are not available in the modern market making them rare possessions. You don’t even need to worry about being out of style because people are really into vintage fashion these days with most of the designers are bringing the classic fashion back. You also don’t need to worry about the jewellery’s quality; diamonds are just as good years after as its quality when it was newly cut. When they said, diamonds are forever, they weren’t romanticizing.

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Second-hand jewellery is environmental friendly.

Another good reason to choose second-hand jewellery is how its impact on the environment. The diamonds you buy has come a long way from Africa to pawnbrokers in London. The resources it takes to produce jewellery make them more expensive. When you buy second-hand jewellery, it eliminates the need to mine more minerals needed for manufacture. Think of all these benefits while making your loved ones happy.