As the industry is moving towards digital currency, people are searching for the best currency format to invest. But with the introduction of multiple options, it becomes big confusion for the people to choose the right one.

Currently, with the term Cryptocurrency, people recall Bitcoin. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is ruling the digital currency and has offered ample opportunities to the investor. But a few other cryptocurrencies are also booming with the increase in demand in the market. Ethereum is one such currency which is currently considered as second to Bitcoin and is booming with high demand.

Initially, Bitcoin was built to decentralize the currency which was gathered by a specific country, state or any agency. For that, the Blockchain conceptwas originated.

But taking a step further, the founder of Ethereum introduces a new platform where entrepreneurs and business owners can build their decentralized applications that can run on distinct domains. This new concept of smart contracts makes it a huge success for Ethereum,and hence its demand starts taking hype in the digital industry.

However, the point is, how Ethereum is distinct from Bitcoin and what additional opportunities it can offer to the investor. Below are some points that can help you find Ethereum as a better investment option than Bitcoin.

Ethereum Allows Quick Transactions:

For a successful transaction, it’s important for the currency to make blocks after a particular interval. In ethereum, the block time is 14-15 seconds whereas Bitcoin has 10 minutes block time. So, the Ethereum allows rapid transaction as compared to Bitcoin. The Ethereum used Ghost Protocol that enables the quick transaction.

Ethereum has own Turing Feature:

The Ethereum is provided with its turning code that offers self-computing power and sufficient time to track the records. With the use of turning, it becomes easy in Ethereum to calculate anything. Whereas in case of Bitcoin, no such flexibility is offered till now.

Ethereum is Crows Funded:

On one hand, where Bitcoin was released with most of the coins were owned by the early miners. So, that amount can never be made available for mining. But on the contrary, being crowd funder, a big amount of coins is available for the investors. According to the stats, it will take five years for the Ethereum coins to be owned by the miners.

Ethereum has Different Economic Model:

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, it has restricted its block rewards to halve after every four years whereas Ethereum releases the amount every year on a regular basis.

So, if you are one of those who haveinvestedethereum, you will search for a portal where you can draw all the essential updates about ethereum. Hence Ethereum news app will help you get all the latest ups and downs direct from the market. Tracking the currency activity via this application will allow you take the right decision of investing or selling your Cryptocurrency.

What do you think about investing in ethereum? Share your ideas and opinion about the comparison between Ethereum and Bitcoin.