Stainless steel is a very common and popular building material in industrial applications – and for good reason. An alloy of steel and chromium, stainless steel has a range of advantages that place it head and shoulders above any other construction material. The reasons to use stainless steel flooring in an industrial or business setting include:


With the strength of high-quality modern steel, stainless steel flooring is a powerful, unyielding material, and makes reliable, safe flooring. Properly constructed – usually as a walkway mesh grating or open mesh flooring – stainless steel flooring can provide the support needed to keep your business moving. Even in strenuous conditions like storm-risk areas or offshore installations, the material strength of stainless steel will help ensure your safety precautions are up to scratch.


Exceptionally durable, stainless steel flooring is difficult to scratch, gouge or damage by mechanical means, and wears down very slowly. Regular resurfacing of floors will be much more infrequent with a stainless steel flooring solution, and maintenance may reduce in severity and frequency, as your new flooring material is sturdy and durable – even on the chemical level. Speaking of which…

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Corrosion Resistance

One of the single biggest advantages of stainless steel as a material is the fact that the chromium component of its alloy structure lends it an incredible corrosion resistance. Rusting and other chemical corrosion is much less of an issue with stainless steel compared to other metals, and when combined with the strength of steel, stainless steel flooring is uncontested. In environments requiring heavy cleaning and use of chemicals, or coastal and offshore environments including oil rigs and oceanic platforms, then this corrosion resistance is absolutely crucial to keeping the venture functional and safe – seawater in particular will cause immense corrosion damage to non-corrosion-resistant steels and may render flooring and walkways unsafe after just a few weeks. In these conditions, stainless steel flooring is the perfect answer.


Stainless steel flooring in general, and open mesh flooring in particular, is often chosen for use in industry thanks to the advantages it presents to Health & Safety. Nonreactive and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel is completely non-toxic and is often used in eating utensils. In addition to its chemical safety, its potential to make strong structures makes it an excellent choice for physical and mechanical safety. The strength inherent to stainless steel means that it can be made into walkway mesh grating and other mesh flooring solutions, allowing spilled liquids, rain and spray to simply drain through instantly instead of remaining and forming a slip hazard, while the ability to make durable texturing that won’t wear down prevents slips and falls for many years after purchase.


Surprisingly for a material this versatile and long-lasting, stainless steel is an inexpensive building material. Coupled with the fact that stainless steel structures resist corrosion, resist mechanical damage and remain functional long after many equivalent metal structures would have become unsafe, means that money spent on stainless steel flooring is money you won’t have to spend twice.

When you’re considering a flooring option, consider the safest, most hard-wearing and most corrosion-resistant possibility – consider stainless steel flooring. For more information, contact the experts at Guardrail Engineering on 019028712080 today!